Real Time Bidding

The Adtoma RTB Direct is an extension module to the Adtoma Fusion Ad-Business Management system or an independent plug-in service to other Ad-Server systems which conducts Real-Time Yield-Optimisation by comparing internally sold ad-candidate prices via those of bids received from external buyers.

RTB function in Fusion

The Fusion Direct offering is also adding an extended capability for the Publisher to collect, manage and pass on additional User meta data with the Ad Bid Request in order to entice better bids from its 3rd Party Partners.

  1. An Ad-call is made from the Client as per current praxis
  2. Fusion looks up the User in a User ID and Profile database and adds additional known profile information to the Ad-request
  3.  Fusion makes a preliminary Ad Selection as per current praxis.
  4. Fusion add this selected Ad to a new Candidates list.
  5. If the Internally Selected Ad allows for external competition Fusion passes on a Bid Request to the Fusion RTB Service.
  6. The Fusion RTB Service then creates a series of RTB Bid Requests including the additional User Profile values obtained from the User ID and Profile DB plus a minimum floor price which is calculated from the selected internal Ads effective CPM price and passes these on to any number of receiving External RTB Partners. These Bid Requests are made to each Partner simultaneously and directly from server to server using fast and pre-established communication ports and protocols.
  7. If any of the External RTB partners have a qualifying Ad, Bids are replied back to the Fusion RTB service
  8. The Fusion RTB Service then vets the incoming bids against quality and conformity to the request and selects the highest yielding Ad and passes this back to the Fusion Final Candidate list.
  9. Assuming there is a higher paying External Ad Candidate this is selected and its Payload code is delivered to the Client.
  10. The full selection and bidding process, both Internal and External is handled on Server-side before responding with any payload. The total cycle described above typically takes a total of 150-200ms.

The main advantages of the integrated Fusion RTB Process are:

  • Total response times are capped to a fixed time of around 150-200ms, which does not increase when adding bidding partners.
  • Current waterfall architecture seen at a majority of partners are limited by latency meaning that a maximum of 3-4 bidding technologies can be connected in series before the browsing experience is severely affected. With Fusion’s Direct to DSP, 10s, 100s or even 1000s of bid partners can be connected with no impact on page load times.
  • Each and every impression opportunity has the ability of selecting the highest yielding ad, whether it’s an internal booking or programmatic ad.
  • Active bidders in an auction-based environment generally provide better yields, as opportunities for cherry-picking on an impression by impression basis is attractive to both advertiser and publishers.

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