Mosaiq is the bridge from a mundane, online reading experience to becoming part of a more innovative, creative and thoroughly enjoyable digital reading experience. More than just another e-magazine technology, Mosaiq addresses advertising challenges and content presentation in a unique combination. True creativity with innovative pub-tech.


100 magazine pages or 3 pages per session?

Web user visits not more than 3 pages per session. Magazine reader reads up to 100 pages per session.

Print magazines have an average of 100 page views per session, compare this to online browsing which sees a figure closer to 3 or 4 pages per session. A magazine may have 200 advertisers, whilst websites will often have only fraction of this, maybe 30-40 direct advertisers or agencies.

100 page view per session

When looking at revenue streams, we see that print publications have multiple channels:

  • Brand Advertising (double page, full page, half/third/quarter page)
  • Ad modules (columns / boxes)
  • Classifieds
  • Subscriptions and Copyright sales

For the majority of websites, on the other hand, we see that there is only ONE revenue stream, and this is currently under attack by the recent trends in ad-blocker adoption.

Mosaiq is ad-block proof and so beautifully designed, that relevant ads are encountered naturally and with no disruption to the users’ browsing experience. The result of this is a greater number of page views and ad impressions, with a higher level of content satisfaction.

Mosaiq offers 6 revenue streams:

  • Ads
  • Sponsored Articles
  • E-Commerce
  • Subscription
  • Classified Ads
  • Syndication
Mosaiq E-commerce solution

3 Stunning advertising opportunities

Brand Ads
Mosaiq Advertising Opportunities

Product Tiles
Mosaiq e-commerce ready product tiles

Sponsored Content
Mosaiq Sponsored Content

Regain your lost 30% of revenue

Mosaiq is easy to implement, and even easier to try. Redirect 1%, 10% or any % of your ad-blocked audience to receive Mosaiq content instead. Content of your site will be crawled and updated automatically so that it won’t cost you any additional effort.

redirect some part of your adblock users to test mosaiq

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