This is a tool for testing that your HTML(5) ad has been configured correctly and will count clicks
when served through Fusion Adserving System.

The ad should have been configured according to the document "HTML5 Fusion click Counting.docx".

- First upload your files to a webserver.
- Enter the path to the html file that shows the ad, in the HTML path field
- Set the desired width and height of the ad
- If Fusion will host the redirect url's then add them to the clickTag fields below
- Press TEST and the ad will be displayed in the Preview window below
- Click on the Ad and a confirmation window will appear if ad has been configured correctly
Adtoma HTML5 click test tool (for Fusion Adserving System)

HTML path
  width  height 

Below fields should be entered with the destination url's that should be assigned with each clickTag variable.
If all fields are left blank then ad is assumed to have hardcoded url's

URL (clickTag)    
URL (clickTag2)  
URL (clickTag3)  
URL (clickTag4)  
URL (clickTag5)  
URL (clickTag6)  
URL (clickTag7)  
URL (clickTag8)  
URL (clickTag9)  
URL (clickTag10)