What makes Fusion unique

The company’s platform offering is Fusion – a tailored business solution for digital publishers. Fusion is a powerful platform that integrates and streamlines the entire supply chain. It simplifies organisational workflow, from proposal through to orders and sales management, advertising operations and business control.

By becoming a Fusion user, you can consolidate the number of advertising platforms (usually 5+ technologies) to only one, resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency, reliability and data integrity.

Fusion Admin Panel

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Increase Revenue

with Adtoma Fusion
  • Create a catalogue of signature products
  • Simplify sales by having a clear product portfolio
  • Avoid unnecessary complexity
  • Regular updates
  • Speed up RFI turn-around which frees up more time for sales, and not admin
  • Monitor and manage product & sales performance
  • Align sales compensation models with business objectives
  • Manage inventory and yield with much more confidence

Decreasing Cost

with Adtoma Fusion
  • Avoid double (or even, triple) data entry.
  • Speed up total sales admin, Op’s and Management process (by 2-5x).
  • Process all proposals, orders and invoices from the same source.
  • Avoid handover mistakes.
  • Avoid unnecessary intermediaries
  • Generate one dataset of ‘truth’, and eliminate wasted cross-checks and lengthy financial audits.
Fusion RTB Direct

The Main advantages of Fusion’s Direct to RTB technology:

  • The load times for multiple bids are capped to around 200-300ms. This timing does not change, regardless of the number bidders and DSP’s being used.
  • At auction, the programmatic sales channel bids can be automatically compared with the I/O floor prices which allows the biddable impression to take precedence in cases. This helps to increase yield in cases where the bid price is higher than the floor price.
  • Direct RTB replaces todays’ SSP ‘waterfall’ solutions
  • Comprehensive user targeting, packaged with alongside auction request
  • This parallel server-side solution allows you to connect to 10s, 100s or potentially 1000s of RTB bid partners with no increase in latency. The more active bidders in an automated auction-based ecosystem generally provides better overall yields.
Fusion Finance

With Fusion you’re gaining control on your finances

  • All CRM, Sales, Product, Price, Inventory, Proposal, Purchase and reporting date in one place.
  • Avoid miss-matching data
  • Campaign and Op’s reports
  • Management Dashboards and detailed performance analysis
Fusion Video Ad-Management Component

Fusion video component facilitates serving video ads.

Mobile ad-management system

The component makes serving mobile ads easier and much more accurate.

Fusion Native

Detailed targeting options allow seamless ads insertion and relevancy.

Fusion supports every format:

  • Text
  • Advertorial
  • Display
  • Rich Media
  • Video


  • Geography
  • System & Settings
  • Custom Values
  • Re-targeting
  • Contextual & Behavioral ( optional )

Multiple Applications

  • Run of Network
  • Click, CPM or CPA
  • eCPM (revenue optimized)
  • Direct or Redirect
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Professional implementation and migration services

If you decide to work with Fusion, we will help you migrate

We offer you support and organisational help.

  • Organisational set up and templates
  • Gap analysis
  • Migration planning
  • Shared project tools
  • Workflow and functional training
  • Data migration
  • Preproduction
  • Go-live support
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