Change is coming. New Corporate Identity for Adtoma

Adtoma new logo

It's time for change.

A new design is much more than just a change. It's also a way to represent change as a whole

After several years in the market, we decided to update our Corporate Identity to make it reflect our organizational changes, our new approach and associated goals. The fact is Adtoma has learned and evolved along the way, in order to fit ever-changing market needs and expectations of our clients. Our new logo comes together with ideas of revitalisation and many new projects within our organisation. We are proud of our continued development and we want to spread the news!

Adtoma’s new logo is designed on geometric principles that are common for other Signia Group Companies. Although the Signia group combines various companies from technology-based publishing and advertising markets, we equally share the same customer approach and we display it by geometric rules applied by whole group’s graphic design.

Adtoma Logo Construction

The Brand Concept

Adtoma derives its shape from an eagle’s wings. The new wings have been aligned more vertically and better fills the space. The logo has been designed to maintain its distinctness whilst still being able to scale to small sizes. This wing-like element is finished in to the curve of circle shape. Wings now look softer and friendlier whilst avoiding a dominant or imperial look. Colours, with slight hue gradient give the transitional effect that adds transparency and highlight convexity. Shape of wings is dynamic. It resembles hunting eagle but also, to soften the logo expression it resembles hands in protecting entanglement as well as lotus flower.

Eagle wing symbolism also point back to the mythology of Mercury the Messenger (Greece), or Hermes (Rome). The idea is that Mercury is the fastest planet (hence the wings on his helmet, or possibly on his sandals) and the Sun being the main god, would convey messages from the sun to the other planets (or gods, in astrotheology). Mercury represents messages, knowledge, refreshing of existing knowledge, movement, transport and transition. That is pretty much what our ad server solution is.

Adtoma Rebranding
Adtoma new identity
Adtoma Corporate Identity branding set
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