Recent browser developments concerning Flash player

Dear Customer,


As you may well be aware from industry news, announcements have been made by Firefox and Chrome concerning the disabling of Flash by default:


– Mozilla have implemented this temporarily in the current version of Firefox by disabling old versions of Flash running on the page. Instead, the user is presented with a ‘click-to-play’ dialog box to explicitly grant permission to run a .swf or .flv file. Please note, in spite of a lot of ‘anti-Flash’ press, this appears to be short-term security measure to encourage users to move to the latest version of Flash.


– Prior to this, Google had also stated that they will disable ‘unnecessary’ Flash animations in the next Chrome release. This is highly likely to affect Flash-based advertisements and it is as yet unknown if this will be permanent.


We believe that the moves outlined above could affect impression delivery quite significantly across the online advertising industry. Furthermore, we predict that his will lead to a large shift towards HTML5 ads, at least in the short-term.
In order to pre-empt this demand, we are currently formulating a knowledge sharing and training initiative in order to make sure Fusion customers fully understand how to work with HTML5, including considerations to make and steps that can be taken to migrate Flash campaigns to HTML5. Currently, we are discussing webinar and/or workshop formats in order to deliver this to the widest possible audience and in the most effective way.
We will be announcing these initiatives in the very near future, so do look out for further notices.
In the meantime it is always good for us to know if there is any specific content, questions or suggestions that you would like us to cover. If so, please do get in touch.


Should you require any further information or assistance regarding this topic, please get in touch with your Account Manager or the Support team.


The Adtoma team.