We are Management Consultancy company for Digital Publishers. We add millions to the bottom line of corporate valuations for many organisations. We guide Publishers though the process of transformation, making numerous small tweaks and a few game-changers along the way too! Applying a process for collaborative insight to first develop some BSG’s, a strategy; and a plan to match. Only then, can we drive sustainable change by empowering people, removing obstacles and opening new opportunities through smart use of tailored technology and processes.


Programmatic support is launched


Adtoma’s Ads Managing System reaches 20 billion impressions delivered monthly


All our clients moves to Fusion


Launch of Fusion


Started to develop Fusion


Adtoma is founded as reseller of a technical platform



Impressions delivered by our ads managing system every second


Active campaigns

100 plus

Financial reports that are generated daily

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We thoroughly understand the challenges being faced in the market

We focus on delivering timeless solutions and predicting upcoming threats to your digital business.

We focus on delivering timeless solutions and predicting upcoming threats to your digital business.

The company’s flagship product offering is Fusion – a powerful software solution that integrates and streamlines the entire media supply chain, simplifying organisational workflow – from the initial proposal through to orders, sales management and advertising operations, resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency and reliability. Fusion is the most comprehensive and intuitive application on the market.

We also have a versatile solution for the pain-staking problem of adblockers. With decreasing reader engagement becoming a growing problem we have invented a unified magazine format, Mosaiq, able to deliver advertising directly into the content stream – currently, our most cutting-edge publisher solution.

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Our Team of Superheroes

Driving force

Adtoma's first line

Henrik Lohk

Chief operating officer
Group Controller

Bo Lagerquist

Group Controller
Tanja Klinge at Adtoma CFO for Adtoma

Tanja Klinge

CFO for Adtoma
Linda Skogfeldt Services Manager at Adtoma

Linda Skogfeldt

Services Manager
Veded Mehmedovic adtoma support technician

Veded Mehmedovič

Support Technician
Marcus-Forsen-Adtoma Head of Business Development

Marcus Forsén

Head of business development
Stefan Johansson CTO at Adtoma

Stefan Johansson

Chief Technical Officer
Richard Kidd Business Development DACH

Richard Kidd

Business development - DACH
Johan Isaksson Product Manager

Johan Isaksson

Product Manager
Merja Byholm Technical Support Specialist and Traffic

Merja Byholm

Technical Support Specialist/traffic

Propel force

Adtoma's kernel
Michał Michałowski Development Manager

Michał Michałowski

Development Manager
Daniel Chrostowski Development Manager

Daniel Chrostowski

Development Manager
Tomasz Wroblewski Developer Programmer

Tomasz Wróblewski

Developer / Programmer
Magdalena Niemczycka Developer Programmer

Magdalena Niemczycka

Developer / Programmer
Michal Odrzywolek Senior Developer

Michał Odrzywołek

Senior Developer
Philip-Nilsson Senior Software Developer

Philip Nilsson

Senior Software Developer
Stefan Pepol Developer Programmer

Stefan Pepol

Developer / Programmer

Bartosz Szczepański

UX&UI Designer
Lukasz Szaszkiewicz Developer Programmer

Łukasz Szaszkiewicz

Developer / Programmer
Wojtek Wroblewski Junior QA Engineer

Wojtek Wróblewski

Junior QA Engineer
Bartek Maciejewski Developer / Programmer at Adtoma

Bartek Maciejewski

Developer / Programmer

Where You Can Find Us

We have offices in Australia, Poland, Sweden, UK,

 Adtoma AB

Narvavägen 7
114 60, Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 545 784 80


C. K. Norwida 4
Gamma Office,
Gdańsk 80-280


343 Ferrars St,
South Melbourne
VIC 3205

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