The Complete Publisher Ad-tech StackThe Complete Publisher Ad-tech StackWe make the best Publisher Ad-Management and Revenue-Tech systems in the world, but we’re guessing that‘s not what you need.

What you probably need is to Increase Revenues...

by some order of magnitude whilst controlling the spiralling complexity and costs of operations?
Our Big Scary Goal

Our Big Scary Goal

Publishers increase Revenues five times and shrink relative Cost of Operations to the half.

We have a Belief here at Adtoma that drives us and our Publishers – what we call a “BSG” (a Big Scary Goal). Ours is: ‘5x @ 1/2x’. Publishers can increase Revenues by five and shrink relative Cost of Operations a half.


Set yourself a Big Scary Goal to chase

Achieving BSG’s don’t come easily. They are very seldom achieved by making One big change. There is no one single Silver Bullet. They are achieved by a Belief. By a methodical change in attitude and many small and deliberate daily actions. By creating new rituals and good habits.
It all Starts with:

1. Stop

Stopping all activity allows you to avoid becoming overloaded, and focus on identifying the malfunction. Sometimes you may be too deep to notice the problem. Literally you may be drowning.We can help you asses your tech stack and advise on the best way to start unpicking the mess. Only you have to realize that it’s time for change and to stop feedback loop of fear.


2. Breathe

Focusing on your breathing for an instant defuse the fight-or-flight reflex. Stopping, and focusing on your breathing help you get a clear mind.

Based on Your pain points and vision, we can advise on what You should be measuring in a wider business context (looking at the overall process, assessing sales, ad ops, finance and any other relevant business units.

3. Think

Now that your head is clear, we analyse together the problem. We’ll help you, based on measurements and business observations from ‘breathe’, to align your tech. We (using our extensive experience of revitalising digital publisher ad businesses) can give  a roadmap to get your business to changes.

4. Act

We have together scrutinized the problem,, we know your way forward, now it’s time to execute it. You know what you need (Fusion, maybe some Mosaiq) we know how to make it work for you. Here’s how we implement it for you.


Case Studies

See what we did for others. Stay up to date with our most recent achievements
walla, consolidation of 4 ad servers Case Study

Israel’s largest Web-Portal with 20-odd business divisions from News,

Case Study. A unique Product Catalogue

Created a unique Product Catalogue concept. Pages with 20-60 ads per page –without ANY customer complaints. Distributed on, on store sites and in-store touch-screens.

Nettavisen Case Study

Improving of

We have significantly improved ads publishing workflow,

The Best Visual. Our Main Goal

Captivating content for user and clear interface for your revenue increase

Engaging, beautiful content, high average of pages per session, aesthetic design and stunning images means satisfied user. Satisfied user means revenue increase. Publishing ads isn’t art of squeezing. It’s the art of relevancy.

Check how we introduced new browsing experience

Mosaiq with sound Ad

Meet Fusion, our flagship
to gear your online ads.

All-in-one solution for online advertising.
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Fusion Logo

Our biggest clients

Tradera is one of the leading online commerce services in Sweden, with over 2,5 million members and about one million listings (2011). Tradera was founded in 1999 but was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2006.

Bonnier Group - our client

The Bonnier Group

Bonnier is a media group working in TV, daily newspapers, business and trade press, magazines, film, books, radio and digital media.

Nettavisen Logo


Nettavisen is a Norwegian online newspaper, launched in 1996 as the first in the country that was not created as part of a pre-existing newspaper. It is one of Norway’s most popular news websites.

Walla Our Client


Walla! is an Israeli web portal, providing news, search and e-mail, among other things. One of the first Israeli internet portals, Walla! is considered as one of the most popular web sites in the country and diaspora.

TV 4 Sweden is our client

TV 4 Sweden

TV4 Group  is a Swedish media company that owns the largest commercial television channel in Sweden, TV4.

Our Client Zuji


ZUJI is one of Asia Pacific’s leading online travel agencies, a position the company has held for more than 10 years. ZUJI empowers customers to travel in their own unique way by providing easy-to-use technology and choice.

Ads Portfolio

See how we redefine your online marketing horizon

We are visionaries that know how to transform dream into action. For us there’s nothing impossible. There are only short and long term plans.
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Our Dream Team

People behind Adtoma

Ingemar Johnsson

CEO Chief Executive Officer at Adtoma

Bo Lagerquist

Group Controller Group Controller

Henrik Lohk


Tailored Technology and Processes

We drive sustainable change by empowering People, removing obstacles and opening new opportunities.

Just as big Management Consultancy firms do for industrial businesses, we do for Publishers. We add millions to bottom lines and corporate valuations.

We guide Publishers though the process of transformation, making many small tweaks and a few game-changing ones too along the way.

Applying a process for collaborative insight to first develop some BSG’s, a Strategy; and a Plan to match.

Only then drive sustainable change by empowering People, removing obstacles and opening new opportunities through smart use of tailored Technology and Processes.

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